HUMming In Nature

Artworks from the HUM exhibition – a collaborative project of ceramic beehive sculptures head out into nature and make themselves available to be homes for bees.

During our winter down time, we teamed up with Dunja Herzog experimenting with the idea of making beehives from clay. Now with spring around the corner, the sculptors are taking on their next phase- evolving artistic pieces into utilitarian form.

This was always the plan from the onset of the project. We felt similarly about creating works that encompassed a distinct narrative about the multidimensional character of bees in relation to mythology, folklore, spirituality, gender, fertility, nature and symbiosis, merged with an aesthetic quality and practical possibilities of them being actual homes for bees. This culminated in an exhibition at Victoria Yards on the 26th-29th of June.

Ceramic beehives in production

The execution of this next phase i.e. putting the hives out in the great outdoors was determined by the change in season, as we move towards spring time in the Southern Hemisphere. As nature comes to life with rising temperatures and new blossoms appearing, so do bees increase their levels of activity in search for nectar, pollen and in some cases, new homes. Between August and mid-November, beekeepers generally look to increase their beehive units by luring trekking swarms into their hives. 

We decided to put our plan in action firstly by securing a safe site, then building stands for the hive pots out of scrap metal pieces, baiting the pots and then finally placing them in the desired location.

What happens next is now in the hands of nature. Crossing fingers for swarms to arrive in the weeks to come.       

The Alchemy of Honey

NYOC honey display

Taking a trip down memory lane to one of NYOC’s pre-Covid events held at Bastion House in Irene, Pretoria

We’ve been fortunate enough to have been involved in some memorable Bee and Honey related events during our short time in existence. Only problem is we are terrible at actually documenting! But we’re working on it.

Nestled in the quaint, leafy suburb of Irene stands Bastion House Guesthouse run by husband and wife duo Baz and Antonette who NYOC teamed up with alongside Uhambo – A Wellness Journey, to conceptualize a honey-themed luncheon and mini-spa day titled “The Alchemy of Honey”.

Poster for The Alchemy of Honey Event
The Alchemy of Honey Event Poster: NYOC x uHambo x Bastion House

Guests were treated to a 3-course honey inspired menu created and prepared on-site by Nokuzola Chalufu of uHambo – A wellness journey, coupled with honey tasting and sampling of NYOC’s skincare products. Here’s how it went down.

NYOC honey tasting table

A variety of honeys from NYOC’s archives of various locations and nectar flows were on the table for tasting.

Facial and skincare station at Bastion House
Signage at the tasting station
NYOC skincare products
NYOC lip balms on display
NYOC organic soaps
Nokuzola Chalufu with a bowl of salad for starters
Blueberry cheesecake with honeycomb topping courtesy of Nokuzola Chalufu
Honey-infused refreshing punch